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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas #2

Well here we are at Christmas #2 - December 23rd. This one is just for us. We made it special - Pizza & Juice. :) Oh & Hot Cocoa & Cookies for dessert - YUM! (as the lights dim, the Christmas sounds of Lena Horne & Johnny Mathis begin in the background, the trees are lit, the house is cozy and the presents are plenty...)
Last night was just for me, Marcus, & Peanut. We thought about taking our gifts for each other to Camden & opening them with everyone else but we like having a few hours just to us & getting to really concentrate on what we have done for one another.
So we decided to take one gift & open it when we get to Camden. So the rest of the presents were opened tonight!
Marcus got me two DVDs Mamma Mia (which I loved in theaters - even with the cheesy guys on the pier dancing :) ) & House Bunny with Ana Faris (HILARIOUS). He also went about trying to prove that he does listen to things I say I need: hence the fact I now own a car charger for my CrackBerry. Then he made me go get my stocking and look in it. There was a tiny red chest in the bottom & in the chest are the most beautiful earrings. You see I love diamonds, Marcus loves diamonds but also LOVES pearls. Due to the fact that normally I only like black Tahitians or some sort of diamond accompaniment to the pearls we never buy any. This time though he found some that are a beautiful compliment to both pieces. They are pearl studs - classy, but around the base is a ring of beautiful brilliant cut diamonds. You can see the sheen of the pearl & the bright lights of the diamonds no matter how you turn them. They are GORGEOUS!!! I love them.

Marcus received a wooden box puzzle (you know one of those puzzles that seems so easy yet drives you crazy until you figure it out), I got him an Alabama numbered Tradition print, house slippers, a book with Alabama trivia in it, and an AWESOME ALABAMA AUBURN photo from the game. Marcus had also gotten himself a present - he now owns a true, worn in a game, still has game scratches, still has the stickers they put on the back (American flag, etc), fully assembled with face mask, Alabama 2008 helmet. It fits his big ole head, but it falls forward on mine. It has the #8 on the side so of course come A-Day 2009 we will be heading to the Quad to see if Julio Jones will sign it :) He is so cute with it, like a little boy & a new toy!
Peanut had a good Christmas as well. He got two new toys & some treats. He happily sat along with us as we opened presents, then he played with the wrapping paper flying around the floor.
Anyway, even with all these wonderful things our biggest gift is one we are doing together. The week of January 3 through the 10th we will be in the Caribbean. This was our Christmas gift to one another. We are so excited! So for my Birthday week we will be getting a tan & drinking pina coladas! WooHOO!!!!! We are so excited to get going. So for a week you won't see an entry - but beware the one that will come after the trip!
Christmas #3 is tomorrow in Camden at my parents, I am so stoked. There is just something about being there for Christmas.... it makes everything fall into place. :)Merry Christmas EVE!

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  1. Those earrings are gorgeous! Great job Marcus! Merry Christmas to you! I love that you and Marcus still make sure you have a few stolen moments between the two of you to really appreciate on another. And Peanut of course! The pic you bought Marcus is our desktop... I LOVE IT!
    ANd in case you didn't check I found my cord under a pile of papers on the filing cabinet in the kitchen... it will stay in the junk drawer if I can get Mike to remember to put it there!


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