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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Hobbies

Well I am one person who has a few hobbies. I read, write, draw, paint, shop, photography, blog, and now we add: quilting. Well at least it is definitely beginning quilting. It is fun though, thinking about fabrics, how the colors flow, much like painting. The big difference being that when I paint & misstep a line it can easily be painted over, well in quilting those irregular lines are going to have to add some character :)

There is nothing like enjoying a hobby. It releases you from the daily stress but can also add its own measure. I stressed last night over re-threading my bobbin. Yeah - Mom the "bobbin fairy" did not attend my home last night :( lol. But once everything got started it began to flow again. The fabric I chose is really pretty, shades of green squares interlocking with cream/pink/green patterned squares. I have always loved quilts and learning how to make them is important to me.

My heritage is peppered with people who enjoyed different methods of sewing. My mom's side of the family has a plethera of talents in this area, my mother being one of the best at anything sewing she touches. She might like to pretend that she is mediocre, but trust me she is so talented. My father's side does not lack for talent either. His mother made some of the most beautiful quilts. We are lucky to still have some of these heirlooms. That is something I want to create: heirlooms. Something like a quilt to keep my future family warm, to be able to look at and see a part of me. Now I hope that some of my artwork on canvas or paper is considered heirlooms to family one day, but a piece of fabric is like nothing else. It is okay to have the quilt in the corner that does not match all the decor, while a picture tends to need to meet with a room's flow. This first one might be one that says: Goodness she started rocky, but hopefully my progression will benefit not only my immediate creative needs but hold together for my family in the future. :)

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  1. I am impressed... I have always wanted to make atleast one quilt. I tried to crochet and it wasnt happening... but when did you BUY a sewing machine??? Do you have a book on it, or are you just piecing the squares together?
    Arent bobby pins just wonderfuL!!!


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