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Monday, October 20, 2008


Good night! I was visiting a blog tonight & found that they had a few countdown clocks:

37 days until Thanksgiving
64 Shopping days until Christmas

Where did I miss a few weeks? (oh yeah I did miss a few weeks of normal life, but that is beside the point) How on earth did my time just go by so quickly! 64 days until Christmas. CHRISTMAS!!! ARGGHHH!!! That means that a birthday for Marcus is merely 48 days away. He will be 29; a month from that it will be my birthday, but more than that it will be 2009.
Every year we say "My gosh this year has flown by." Every year we mean it, but for me this year truly has slipped out from under me.

I am a list maker. Someone who constantly writes down what she is to do that day, what she needs to pack for a trip, what she is planning, things she wants, things she doesn't want, pros/cons, whatever it is I list it. Now granted my list may take place on a notepad, envelope, sketch pad, back of my hand or even on a pair of old pants, but the list is there. Once written down my mind won't forget it or its order of importance. I had lists from last spring that won't be complete until next spring, I have lists from yesterday that won't ever be completed and then there are those that I will finish, file away, and begin a new one.

Well the holidays bring about all kinds of lists in our house. Tonight I realized that it was time to begin holiday 'idea lists'. You know the kind with recipes I might want to try, gift ideas for family/friends, crafting items, decorations that I want to add to the collection, dates of visitors around the holidays, holiday parties, Christmas cards, house upkeep things before I have visitors, I mean there are so many things that I list out this time of year. I feel so behind though. I normally start all these in August, at least idea lists, now though it is October. Not even October 1, but the 20th meaning I am only 11 days from November. Holy batwings, batman! I am freaking out here. :)

So as these countdowns continue my lists will grow & hopefully a few checkmarks will be found on the slips.

For now, I leave you with this list:
1. Make list of things to update around the house before holiday swing.
2. Make list of ideas for recipes
3. Make list of gift ideas
4. Make list of all holiday party dates
5. Make list of all holiday events to attend
6. Make list of all dates that visitors will arrive
7. Make list of all drinks that will make me calm through the holidays
8. Make list of all catering companies in case I lose it during the holidays
9. Make list of all retailers that will gift wrap if bought online so I don't get papercuts
10. Make list of all spas in the area - I will need to learn to breathe during the next 64 days :)

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  1. I love that you make a list of lists to make! Happy listing! We're still working on when we are coming down, it depends on a couple of things now.


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