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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bama 29 - Tennessee 9

Well another gameday has come & gone. This one though is one of those important games. Tennessee may not be having the best year, but this game was a chance for them to have a big upset game against a bitter rival. Our rivalry with Auburn is just that: a rivalry. Our rivalry with Tennessee is much different. As an Alabama player stated: We have to hate Auburn they are our in state rival. We CHOOSE to hate Tennessee.

Tennessee & Bama truly hate each other. The song Rocky Top - yech! They play it constantly. Thankfully yesterday we did not only beat them but actually proved something to ourselves.We can play the 3rd & 4th quarter of a football game. We can step up to the plate, hold our own, & execute.In other words though we did hear Rocky Top a few times, it was quietly fading come the 3rd U & 4th quarters. Sure there are always areas of improvement or better thinking, but for the past year we have had issues late in the game. We come out blazing in the first & find ourselves sizzling out by the 4th. Yesterday, we found our ground. We stood on it & we continued to prove that we are not some odd BCS fluke team. We are ALABAMA. :)

I made some yummy goodies for this game. Some comfort food really. The weather has begun to cool off so warm foods are the tasty choice. I made a huge pot of chili, some BLTs & Club Sandwiches, Spinach/Bacon dip, & the cupcakes from last week. Though this week I perfected the cream for the inside. YUMMY! Marcus had requested the cupcakes again - Rob had only gotten one last week, but this week he got his fill :) They are so amazing. They may take a while to make, but boy are they worth it!!! Check out the pics right after I finished decorating them~Little Debbie eat your heart out! Look at the yummy creamy insides~~~mmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Yesterday morning before all the game festivities I ran up to Hoover. COACH had sent me a $100 gift certificate (yes this is an indication that we shop there quite a bit :)lol) Anyway, the cert. was only good for 2 days & well I decided it would be silly to waste 100$ gift cert. I mean come on :) So I ran up to the galleria bought a few things from COACH then headed over to Linens & Things at Patton Creek. (the entire company, Linens & Things, is going out of business)It was like BLACK FRIDAY in there, people were throwing things everywhere, digging in bins, moving each other. It was nuts. I did get some new stuff for mine & Marcus' bathroom. A much needed new rug & shower curtain. As well as some new towels. I spent $50. The curtain alone was originally 79.00. I would have found more stuff, but with holiday shopping around the corner I will just wait for the craziness until then.

After that I grabbed a Blackberry Soda from Carinos & some combo nachos. If you have never had them you should: they are pasta chips covered in italian sausage, grilled chicken, black olives, onions, peppers, tomatoes, alfredo sauce, mozzarella, & parmesan cheese. OME! They are amazing. So I took the nachos home to Marcus for lunch & after that the games began! What a Saturday. Today I plan to curl up, relax & watch some old movies/tv shows. Marcus has to go into work, so Peanut & I will hold down the fort. Ahhh, another weekend. :) Stay warm.


  1. Awesome game! Have I mentioned my enjoyment of your cooking! I can't wait to try some cupcakes!!! I'm glad you liked my blog... that is the cutest clip of Isabel ever... I too agree, I hate Rocky Top and was fortunate enough to be watching the game on DVR so I was able to cringe and quickly fast forward.

  2. They look great!!! Why havent i gotten the recipe yet??? You know my kids would love it!!! I will be waiting...


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