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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ahh relaxing!

Well this weekend Bama was off. WOOHOO! As much as our household loves to watch the games, sometimes the relief from stress is just exactly what we need. :)
Friday night we grilled fish & shrimp and watched some TIVO-d shows. Saturday morning was crazy. I woke up a good bit nauseated (after effects still lingering from anesthesia & surgery I am told)so I did not make it to one calendar event I had. Thankfully by around 11 a.m. I began to feel much better. Marcus & I got dressed to head into Birmingham.
The Birmingham Museum of Art is hosting an exhibition of da Vinci's Sketches from the Biblioteca in Turin, Italy. This is a collection of about 12 pages from his sketchbooks & codex. They are amazing! This particular collection is a real jewel for Birmingham to have been able to host. These items are insanely unique & special to the collection in Turin. There are thumbnail sketches of machinery he was inventing, studies of men & horses, use of metalpoint (which is a terribly difficult medium due to that you cannot erase or correct a mistake), red chalk, & pen/ink. He was truly a master. I mean the Mona Lisa - yeah, but these are those quick sketches done when he found a subject. These show the skill. It is worth seeing if you get the chance.
After the museum we headed to Columbiana. Okay Columbiana has a race track - go carts. Now this is no "beach" go cart track. These monster can run 45-60 miles per hour. You have a neck brace, helmet, etc. on your body for protection. It is INSANE! We met up with Marcus' best friend Kerry. After about 30 minutes it was our session (session = 20 minutes for 25$). Um after session number 1, we were done. Intense is not even the proper wording. We then headed to Paw Paw's for some lunch. Yummy! It is an old restaurant in downtown Columbiana. Then the boys headed to Kerry's to watch football & headed to the Summit to meet up with a girl, Betsy, that Kerry is seeing to shop. Well I shopped, found some great buys (White House Black Market was having a great sale 40% off of the REDLINE!!, then Betsy & I decided we needed pedicures & massages. OOOOHHHH YEAHHHH!!! It was so good. :) Once I met back up with Marcus around 9 p.m. we went to dinner then home. OH what a good day. :)
Today is jammy day. In other words - the pajamas are the only clothes we are putting on & we are vowing not to leave the house all day! I plan to cook some fried chicken, corn, potatoes, & some homemade banana pudding. I have never done the pudding/custard from scratch, should be interesting. :) I hope everyone has a great remainder of the weekend!

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