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Sunday, March 2, 2008

A beautiful weekend..

You could definitely say that a beautiful weekend aides in making us go outside our normal routines or at least gives us guts to do something. You may all think I am talking about some odd adventure & it is in no way NOT an adventure that Marcus & I took on: we shaved Peanut. Yep our little puppy got his first grooming from his mom & dad. Yeah we have never done it before either. I know your thoughts are probably: Ooh. How did this turn out? Well it turned out pretty good. He looks so cute, got his little puppy cut back & he lost about 4 pounds in hair. The length was around 7-8 inches in certain points on his back, and the shaggy sheep dog look was rock'n. Now he is trimmed up with a fluffy tail & looks so precious! He did so well too, though the sound of the shears was not very comforting to him, he handled it well.
The beautiful weekend also made us get out & enjoy Tuscaloosa. We really had a great time just roaming town, stopping at stores we never get to stop at during the week, went out to lunch, and took a nice drive. Marcus never gets to leisurely shop with me around town so it was quite nice for us to just relax & enjoy each other's company. The grocery store was even an okay stop. Because we had no time constraints and no huge list to purchase we were able to just grab some steaks & some fresh herbs and head back home. OOOH those steaks were good. I have perfected my marination techniques if I do say so myself :) We also made a Chocolate Gateau, recipe courtesy of SMELLS LIKE HOME blog (there is a link on the left of my page titled: Cooking Fiend, this is the SMELLS LIKE HOME blog). I have got to tell you this fudgy cake is to die for... I mean sinfully perfect!! She really nailed it with this recipe. We plan to make it again on Thursday night & take it to Atlanta this weekend to share with my sister's family. If any of you stop by my house for a visit, I promise to make one beforehand - it is unreal & is now going to be my go-to dessert for chocolate lovers.

Well the weather we understand is not to stay so warm & wonderful, but hopefully Spring will rise up soon & cover us all...

Here are some pictures of the Nut with his new haircut:

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  1. WOW! So he really is a dog not just a shaggy pillow!


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