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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Seems everyone has posted their nicknames & since I have a couple myself I feel that I could share them with the world:
1. CoCo - this particular nickname popped up in the 3rd grade when Stacie, Brandi, Weslyn & I created our own Fantastic Four "girls club" and gave each other code nicknames. Yes code, we thought they would be difficult to decipher - oh the mind of a 3rd grader. (this is also used with the nieces & nephews sometimes: Aunt CoCo)
2. Goose - this particular nickname goes back farther than my own memory. My oldest brother Jeremy christened me this one & it has always stuck. He is really the only one who uses it & due to that it has always been quite special to me. I idolized him as a little girl & the fact that he bestowed my very own nickname was very special & important growing up.
3. Princess - for obvious reasons - why would you not call someone what they are?
4. Snookie - reserved only for Marcus (he in turn is my Snookie Bear) yes I know...
5. Silly Girl - my mom used to use this when I was little, I don't know if even she would remember it. I always liked it though.
6. Marcus' Girlfriend - for quite sometime throughout our dating period in high school to Marcus' family I did not have a name I was merely Marcus' Girlfriend. Yep - there are too many cousins in his family & well they just dubbed me that rather than using my real name.

Those are really the most prominent that ever stuck. I guess that nicknames are just a force of habit, we give them to my nieces and nephews: Colton, Coy, & Jon are Knuckleheads #1, #2, & #3. Anna was very upset to NOT be considered a knucklehead so she was given Knucklehead #4. Jessica is Jess, Christian is ITTY BITTY BOY, Hannah (Mindy's little girl) is Hannah Montana. It just sort of happens the words come out & boom you are christened that new spontaneous nickname. To me it is most amusing as to why we have them over what they are.

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  1. I love nicknames but I'm very particular about the first name. For example, why name Aubrey "James Aubrey" if you're not going to call him James? Oh, well. I admit that I used to call you Marcus's Girlfriend, too. I was shocked to learn that you had an identity all your own ;) (When Aubrey and I started dating, his dad kept calling me was pretty funny).


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