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Monday, February 25, 2008

more days gone by....

Been too long again... I can't bug my sister about posting if I don't post often myself! :)
Well we have been busy in my Kingdom lately. I had strep throat for a week, yuck! Hit like a ton of bricks last Monday! Crazy.
Valentine's day has passed since my last post. We took it nice & relaxing this year. Dinner for two at home & a few gifts. I gave Marcus this Cutter & Buck Alabama shirt that he has been wanting from the Shirt Shop downtown & he gave me a new Blackberry. Both gifts are quite practical for the two of us & not nearly as extravagant as we both tend to be. Then Marcus threw me a curveball. A homemade, cut out heart (very homemade:) ) card with a sucker taped to it. He didn't just write Happy Valentine's day, he wrote: "I love you. When the world is crazy around me you are what makes sense. Thank you for saving me every day. love, Marcus." I cried!!! He did good.
I spoke with my best friend Stacie last Sunday. She lives in North Carolina now. I am human, I miss people when they are not able to be close, but talking to her again, hearing how the kids are & her husband, I realized the word 'miss' just does not even begin to describe my thoughts. We were the two girls who literally have known each other from birth. We are the two that did everything together, grew together, loved together, hated together, everything. Same town, same school, same classes, same parties, same dances, everything. She has always been more sister than just friend. Hearing her again made me smile & feel so good Sunday night. It made me think how important it is that we keep in touch even if the calls are more sporadic or just quick hellos, emails, even snail mail. We both live very different lives, but that core bond, that true kindred spirit will forever hold us. She told me that she reads my blog. I laughed out loud & realized that this page on the internet, this jumble of thoughts, photos, videos etc. has not only been therapeutic for me but also it has enabled me to keep in touch with so many people. It is a way to let them into my life when they only have a few minutes, where any time of day or night they can know how we are, where we are going, and even just random thoughts like these. But for me it allows shout outs like this one and lets me tell a friend how much she means to me without sounding too cheesy or commercial as we all sometimes do when these things are said outloud. So Stacie, thank you for reading, but most importantly thank you for being a great sister. You have always been there for me & I hope that I have returned the favor & that we will continue to do so. Keep sending pictures of those girls.. they are so beautiful!
My sister's kids had the entire last week out of school. No not spring break, just another winter break. Boy do I wish we'd have had so many breaks! geez. Well since I was sick they went to Camden first on Thursday & had a blast with the twins, mom & dad. Then on Saturday they came up to Tuscaloosa since I was feeling better & putting them closer to interstate traveling. Those 4 kids are so awesome. I am amazed every time I get to see them. They are growing up so quick! They immediately wanted to play High School Musical Sing It! on our Wii. (yes it is our game system & our game:) )I set them up then Nina & I went to pick up some Chinese food. YUM! My dog Peanut has more fun with those kids & we love it because he gets so tired that he really sleeps all through the night. Sunday they had to head back kind of early so after they left Marcus & I did.... nothing. Since I had been sick Oscar parties were out, so I curled up on the couch with my Oscar poll, popcorn, & juice & watched one of my favorite award shows.
Today was back to the daily grind & hopefully a nice week without throat pain, fevers, or shots!
I posted the picture of the kids & Peanut before they left... aren't they all precious?


  1. You know I feel the same way about my theraputic and yet so easy for others who I may not always have the time to talk to to catch up. I am always wanting to call my friends who live away but when I only have 10 min or so I feel worse if I call them and then have to get off the phone so quickly, I guess the call would be better then nothing but I wish I had all the time in the world to talk to the ones and I love and miss so much.

  2. just wanted to say that i love your blog and LOVE the music you've got playing! i'm a northern girl by blood but a southern girl by heart and do love me some good country music. :) great job with the blog!


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