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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A look into the world of fashion... no; a look into the fashion of the world.

I don't know how many of you actually venture through any of my links under "Out on the Town.." to the left on the screen. But if you feel the urge to explore a little make sure to click on The Sartorialist every now & then. The link takes you to very well known blog by a gentleman at ease with fashion. He has written for The New York Magazine, GQ & guest columns with other fine establishments. It is his blog though that draws people in. Being quite an accomplished photographer, he enjoys taking pictures of "found fashion". To me it is much like art with "found objects". His subject matter is the everyday person on every street in cities that we all wish to see or have been to & enjoyed their differences. He resides in New York & travels quite often to Europe so he has a bevy of subjects to choose from. I most enjoy reading the comments people make on his pictures purely because they come from every corner of the world. His subjects are most often of fashion statements that in our sleepy Alabama would make someone stop & stare, but yet they blend beautifully in their current surroundings. I am a firm believer in the circular aspect of fashion. Not only do I LOVE to be on the edge of the new thing, but the timeless classics that infuse our past are comfortable & lovely to me. His picture today is of a man, who endearingly so, appears quite embarrassed to have been chosen for his "look". Yet it is that endearing smile & handsome ensemble that made me smile. It is amazing how just the aura of a human being, a stranger, a person one will probably never encounter can affect your mood. He is simply a delight to see & for some reason such a darling countenance should not be wasted on the mundane, but merely shared for the world. I appreciate that the "Sartorialist" shared this gentleman with us & that he has given me a place to see people, not on screen in costume, but to SEE people around the world, to see how their environment affects their clothing, their smiles, their attitude about the one marketing aspect we are all blessed with: our own style. Anyway, if you get a chance click on the link... find yourself inspired or astonished, either way enjoy the views.

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