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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Again, it has been too long between posts. I keep opening the page only to be interrupted, get sidetracked, and have to get up to do something else! So tonight, I promised before the storms I would hammer out a post. Over the last few weeks we have had a whirlwind of company and honey-do list accomplishments. We got our front door re-painted (the dingbats who built our house had used interior paint & lets just say the elements were not nice at all over the past 2 years), the basement has been reorganized (definitely almost time for another yard sale), the stairs are now fixed (we had a carpet issue on the bottom set of stairs), we now have gutters (it seems gutters are not a necessity to builders - we have learned that there is not a house built in Tuscaloosa with gutters unless the home owner specifically asks for them), we know have a second guest bedroom complete with a bed (before it was just a computer room), my 1st guest bedroom is almost exactly how I want it, I now have a book case in the kitchen just for cookbooks, a new dining room rug, and we have acquired a contractor to finish the basement & paint our master bedroom & living area. (Now as for how quickly those rooms get painted - who knows. We want the basement closed in first, so I will keep everyone posted on those projects). Whew! It has been interesting to say the least around our house. We had to find a new cleaning service, so that was a trial & error process. We finally found one that we are comfortable with & is comfortable with Peanut. (it is very important that they not only like dogs, but love ours :) ) Marcus' dad brought his fiance into town last weekend, our first meeting of this young woman. Her name is Ramona & she is very nice. Not only did she come with him, but on Saturday our house played hostess to Marcus' aunt, cousin, brother, sister n law, & nieces. We cooked a HUGE meal & fed everyone. It was like a holiday dinner! Only I chose summer foods: Barbecue Chicken, Beans (Green & Baked), Salad, Hashbrown Casserole...yum. His aunt brought a wonderful Grape Salad & her heavenly hershey chocolate cake. Trust me it is so good!! We also went to dinner with some friends a few weekends ago & watched the Bucket List with Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman. I must say it surprised me. As one of those movies where you go in knowing death is definitely inevitable for the main characters, the plot getting to that ending was actually quite good. It definitely touched not only the live for the moment, but also the wake up & realize what you have buttons. Of course it was Jack so the humor, one line wonders were everywhere. We also ventured to Birmingham to the StarDome last Tuesday night (celebrating our friend Fran's 30th birthday). The comics were quite good - Steve Brown from Tuscaloosa was very entertaining as was DS Sanders, now the guy in the middle a Mikey somethinge or another wasn't my favorite until his last skit. The show was basically a crude male humor show until the last seconds. He picked up his guitar & makes this statement: You know cartoons these days... well they suck. I want to pay tribute to the wonder of cartoons of my youth. So if you know the words, please sing along! We will end on a high note so get ready. He then proceed to sing a montage of Smurfs, Thundercats, Gummi Bears, Chip&Dale Rescue Rangers, Tale Spin, and others then he ended with Muppet Babies. He did every voice! It was awesome. For that alone I enjoyed the show. Anyway, sorry that this post seems to merely be a recap of events over about 3 weeks, but to be honest I needed to type it all down! lol. This is my virtual diary so getting this stuff posted is really therapeutic.


  1. I'm so glad that you fixed the stairs...I tripped so many times on them! When we come down this summer it sounds like we'll have new treasures to discover at the resort! So exciting! By the way if Fran lets you can you post a picture of her baby? I'd love to see one. We love you! (PS Izzy's showing signs of my defiance and temper...look out!)

  2. Hey! The fix-it bug has bitten this house as well. I'm intrigued by your possible yard sale. We are reorganizing our garage and will need to have a yard sale, too. But, I don't think we'll have enough for just one...Would it be possible to join you? Keep me posted on that development...


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