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Wednesday, July 4, 2007


So many things have been going on in just the short time since my last post. My girl Bubbles & my boy Bear not being around is making it quite difficult on us. I think it is still difficult to grasp that they are not just in Camden or somewhere. The house is a bit lonely & we hate it. We both realized that we want a new puppy & will be getting one around Labor Day. It breaks my heart when I think about no babies in the house & that my babies won't be coming back. I know that they will be right there with us when we explore the options.
My sister has had some major news in the past few weeks, as most of you know I had recently posted that her husband was having to make a career/position change due to the company dissolving. Well he has found another company doing similar to what he was doing only even better because he sort of gets to be his own boss. The best part: they are moving to the Atlanta area. I KNOW!! So many years, that she has been so far away, so distant & unable to see any of us at important times & vice versa. Now, possibly the most a 4 hour drive from TTOWN??? It is hard to fathom. I am so excited, anxious, and happy all at once. I know in so many ways it is a nightmare for them!! I mean they have 4 small children, 3 of which have to transfer to new schools, they have been in DC for so long & made so many friends & family over the years, it would be insane!! But I know that the pros have to weigh out the cons on this one, it will just be the process of actually getting moved that will be their main nightmare.
They are joining us on our big beach fam vacay in Pensacola... can't wait!!! I am more ready for a vacation than I have really ever been. I feel substantially drained this year!!!
We attended Riley's birthday bash with the Terrys, Pearsons, & Barrs. Mr. Robert came into town, we had a really nice visit. We are going out to Texas to stay with him for Labor Day weekend. It should be a blast!! He has mentioned Galveston & you know how I love that city!!
Anyway, just wanted to give a short update. I will elaborate on some topics a little later!!

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