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Monday, April 2, 2007

A new week

Well it is Monday again. The weekend & month has passed as we now head into April.

The weekend was good. Friday night after being so stressed & tired last week, I decided to be productive. See, we have been battling what colors to paint rooms and we have bought all the 'paint' accessories except for the paint. Yes, I know, but committing to color can be hard for me because I redecorate so often. Anyway, there are marks ALL over our white walls from moving in and 2 years of occupation. It just so happens that the builder left a 5 gallon bucket of our interior wall paint when we closed so that we could have it if we needed it. So me, my roller brush and some very loud music went to town. I discovered that once I leaned forward to the wall to correct the marks that already annoyed me, there were millions more everywhere! I repainted every wall in all rooms but the guest room (I needed one room that did not reek of paint fumes for when we went to sleep). Marcus had to work late so from 5:30 to 9:00 I painted and just let all my work stress out into the walls, the trim, everything I could. It was so therapeutic & rewarding. Marcus came home and noticed all the clean walls and was quite impressed. He zoned out for a while and spent some time with Bear.

On the topic of Bear, we are giving him the antibiotics (for fever) & the prednizone pills. So far he has had 3 really good days (FR-SAT-SUN). We decided to give him the pills and watch him closely, so long has he has those good days, where there is no visible pain & no more blindness, we will give him the pills and let him enjoy his last weeks, months, whatever God deems. If for any reason we see serious pain return & his body begin to ignore the pills or he just quits 'living' then we will make that dreaded date and help him find peace. We hope that this is the right decision, it feels right, so with that we will continue to follow the guidance we seek.

As for Saturday, Marcus had to work from 9 to 4 pm, so again I decided to be productive. Turned up the music, the dogs relaxed and enjoyed the company, while I cleaned, then I began on some projects, painting some frames that I wanted for some pictures, hung some wedding photos, began the extremely large amount of laundry deterioration, and just enjoyed the day. I missed Marcus, but I did get a lot accomplished. A husband is a great help, but sometimes it is easy to get in your own zone and just go. Once he got home, we just sat around and enjoyed the evening, we did not even cook or really eat until late just because. It was nice.

Yesterday though we were both productive. We cut grass, I weeded the flower beds and cleaned off the deck. I used the weed eater on all edges and repotted some plants. Marcus really worked on the small amount of grass that we have in the yard and made it look very nice. Once done we wandered inside around 7:30 p.m. just before the rain began. It was a good Sunday. I truly hope that it is a nod towards how this week will be...

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