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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rainy days....

Well this weekend was another round of good ol'crazy Southern weather. Now I know that the northwest & east & middle America get hit too with these things, but this time of year is odd for a cold snap in my area. But when it did occur,yesterday, I actually found that staying inside in the Spring can be as much fun as being cooped up in the winter (well as much fun is a stretch for winter too, but you get me).
Marcus, Bear, Bubs and I had gone to Camden to spend "memorial day & dinner on the grounds" at a community church called Reaves Chapel. Now this is one of those picturesque single room churches that is the epitome of faith: A simple dwelling holding complex variables, but all together they form a bond of belief & strenght like no other. Anyway, it thundered in the distance, threatened to rain, but it held off. We all ate the wonderful 'little old lady' good southern food and packed it in to get home before the storm really set in.
By the time my brother, his twin sons, Marcus & I got to my parents house the rain had begun. The satellite system blinked a few times so we decided to board game it. 1st on the block: Me & the twins playing Clue. After a few rounds it was time to sucker everyone else in. So the big guns were out: STAR WARS Monopoly. Now for those who don't fully know the extent of Marcus & my competetiveness - it can get ugly. Also, Marcus-Monopoly = VICIOUS BUSINESS MAN!! I know you are thinking " sweet laid back Marcus " NO! it is really "shrewd deal making monopolizing corporation man Marcus" And as usual he beat the tar out of us!! lol It was so much fun. My brother Eric has the worst luck & the twins, God bless them their young innocence and learning curves. Me, well Monopoly in my house means Marcus is King. And it seems the same title is met in my parents... We are planning a beach trip this summer, Marcus will take Monopoly and we will all have to suffer to 3000$ rents at Boardwalk (Courasant on this board) and the mischievous giggle of a man who truly understands and loves Monopoly...
-More on the beach trip later-
Needless to say, we had a blast staying in, listening to the rain, talking, winning, losing, and just playing. Thank goodness sometimes for rainy days...

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