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Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Have you ever just wanted Summer to hurry up or for Spring to really set in? I normally am pretty content with each season, though in Alabama winters can be a bit erratic. This year has been no exception. We have finally begun to have this beautiful Spring weather and then this morning I hear on weather radio that the week ahead should see some very cold drops in temp. Now wait a minute. My spring attire has finally arrived in my closet ready to wear, white linens, white purses, pale Easter pastels are quietly waiting their turn to be worn & then you tell me it is supposed to get cold???? again! Crazy. Patience is taught in so many forms that we tend to not even notice the lesson. :)

Well with the chill there is also supposed to be rain. Now we do need the rain, but I really hope the rain makers take the weekend off.

I find myself excited right now. With everything that has been going on: Bear & just regular work week, it is surprising to be feeling so refreshed and ready for... something. I am already getting in the mood to travel. Go SOMEWHERE. Do SOMETHING outside my every day. We are doing a mini-trip to Camden Sunday for Easter, we are doing this holiday with Mary Ann, then the next weekend we go for Memorial Day at Reaves Chapel with my family. Interestingly enough the two mini-trips are getting me salivating to get in the car and travel. I know: Camden = Salivating = Travel???

I am hosting a Pampered Chef party on Friday night, my theme is Taste of the Tropics! Obviously that verifies the readiness for summer & sun. I have never had a 'party' like this so I am a bit nervous, but very excited. Even if only about 10 people get to come, that is okay. As Marcus says " you always like being the hostess" and I do. Something about keeping people happy, seeing them enjoy my home, my company. there is probably some psychosematic study that could be done on me, but oh well :)

Anyway I wanted to post today. Just for fun. Just some thoughts... I hope the sun shines wherever everyone is today....

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