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Friday, January 21, 2011

Significant Other Blogfest! Marcus

Okay guys, one of my amazing CPs, DL Hammons and the always wonderful Talli Roland are hosting a Significant Other Blogfest. Now this is no ordinary ma'am! This is where our significant others (children, spouse, boyfriend, friends) are able to take over our Blogs today and share their thoughts on living with a writer! I know- what are we thinking? Well my adorable husband is going to be answering some questions and commenting today. His name is Marcus and he is very aware of the Royal Court, so no worries - he aims to please.
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Well I will let him have the floor now...

Hi, I'm Marcus. The Prince. Well I used to be just the most popular Stable Boy in the Kingdom until the Princess finally married me. Of course I had to keep her on the hook for 10 years before we could make it official - got to date a decade I say! I am very excited to be in charge at the Kingdom today. Princess Courtney is quite nervous as to what I may say here, but I aim to surprise her by being brutally honest. So bring on the questions:

1. What food or drink is guaranteed to return your loved one to a good mood, even after a bad day writing?
Drink: Cherry Coke & Root Beer (separately) Food: Sno Cone & Coconut Cake

2. What one thing would you change about your others writing habits? She likes to read me things when football is on the television - I don't know why.

3. How hard is it to sit by and watch someone you care for struggle to attain a dream...knowing there's very little you can do to help? Courtney does not have that problem. She is always creating, if a story line has her stumped she gets up and cleans, redecorates, cooks, something! Her creative juices are always flowing.

4. How do you feel about being used as a "prop" for character study? Used. Vulnerable. Violated. Dirty.*insert snicker here*

5. What is it like to live every day with someone who writes? Its very freeing for me. She really gets in a groove sometimes and it allows me to get away with a few things. I get to play PS3 for hours, watch football, relax, but also know that I am there if she needs my advice or to bounce ideas off of.

6. What is your one favorite thing about living with a writer? The input. There is something very special about having someone ask you to take part in their creation. To know that they value your opinion so much about something as personal as their story. It is pretty awesome. Besides the conversations are hilarious when dining out - "He cheated! No, don't let him cheat, he's a murderer!" You should see neighboring tables!

7. How does living with a writer affect "your"dayjob? It's great. I have a personal spell check just a phone call away!

8. When you first started realizing that writing was going to be a big part of your relationship were you open to it or did you think it just a silly hobby? I was very open to it. When are we signing the papers for movie rights? :) Truthfully, I don't doubt Courtney doing anything. She will be exactly who she wants to be and writing has been a part of her long before I came along. It is one of the reasons I love her.

Okay, thanks for letting me on here today. I enjoyed this. Now - um you all do know that there is some football this weekend so I better get off of this thing so she can get to writing. Oh and thank you all, she talks all the time about each of you and I feel like I know you. It really makes me smile to see her getting to know such great people. Our Kingdom really loves all its Court and really enjoys that you all let us share this journey with you. Have a good weekend.


  1. Cute!! I think Marcus and Evan have some similar answers... :)

  2. No. 6 was right on the mark. Funny! Great job, Prince Marcus.

  3. AWww... This is is nice. Haha, it sounds like you've got a nice creative partner to bounce your ideas off! Awesome!

  4. Coconut cake! Coconut cake!


    Marcus sounds lovely, and so supportive and encouraging. Isn't it great that we all have wonderful people behind us.

  5. Coconut cake, eh? That sounds effing delicious

  6. I'm so glad you let the Prince out for the day!!

  7. Not sure why it took you 10 years to marry this guy, but he sounds awesome! Happy for you!

  8. So fun to get a peek at your cute husband. :) Hope he enjoys the football game this weekend! ;)

  9. This was so fun to read! And I loved his answer to #6. That was awesome!

    Have a great weekend!!

  10. Yes, football. I love your priorities.

  11. Nice job, Marcus! I'm glad he sees your writing as a way to go about his own hobbies.

  12. Cool post. It was nice to meet the Prince, I don't meet royalty that often.

  13. This was so funny and cute. What a great blogfest!

  14. Hi Mr. Barr! An awesome post - funny and sweet. Loved it.

    My significant other

  15. Marcus did you proud princess!!!! But really...during football??? I consider that stepping over the line, and if he actually discussed things with you then, you married a saint, not a prince. :)

    Thank you both for taking part in the fun today. You helped make it a very special day.

  16. Marcus is most definitely a prince! Hope he enjoys the football this weekend :)

  17. A great post by Prince Marcus!

  18. Great post! It's nice the Prince has things to occupy him while the Princess is writing!

  19. Thank God for's a convenient distraction, isn't it?

  20. I love the conversations you have when you go out. It's fun to watch other people listening, isn't it? :)


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