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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Wants & Wonders..

Samantha: "Carrie, honey if it hurts so much why are we going shopping?"
Carrie: "I have a broken toe, not a broken spirit!"
-Sex & the City
Okay, Wednesday is going to shift themes a bit...I plan to do Wednesday Wants & Wonders. Don't worry the other days will still be focused on Writing this just will help break up the monotony of the week! A Blog day about things out there that writers might want/need/desire, etc. or sometimes just the odd items found in the retail world but also focus on the Wonders. Now I am using Wonders vaguely so that it can be a completely open idea. What is a wonder to me may not be to you and vice versa. So really who knows what could appear on Wednesdays but with it being the middle of the week, sometimes a little retail therapy can help with weekly doldrums... dontcha' think? ;o)
But FIRST I need to recap Birthday Week Shopping:

There is a possibility that you all know I celebrate Birthday Week (7 days of Birthday Bliss - no chores, all choices). Well it just so happens the lovely and beautiful Kristin turned 17 two days after my birthday, needless to say "Marcus needed your prayers." ;o)

Oh the shopping trip - A wonderful day spent with my mom! I look forward to seeing her every time I get the chance, throw in food & shopping and Watch Out!

As for the shopping: I went knowing EXACTLY the color purse I wanted but discovered something else and love it!:

I have never had a printed purse like this (I know!) but for some reason this one spoke to me.

Oh Michael I love you - this is beyond perfect for traveling.

Then there was the lovely cake selection. I first wanted polka dots...then I saw a cake similar to my final selection...and oh mama! Check out this beauty:

Even Peanut is amazed!

Then there is the discovery of something I did not even realize I wanted or needed...

My darling hubby sent these as a surprise...46 gorgeous petite roses. They are stunning! The week was also full of wonderful dinners, great movies, AWESOME PRESENTS!!! I have a necklace, some DVD's, gift cards...I mean my hubby knows me too well!!!

Now for the Wonders:

Okay Amazon, now I know you have everything but who would ever expect this -
Bacon scented car fresheners....yeah...I'm at a loss.

Then when you really just want to complete your breakfast ensemble, that cholesterol induced high stress episode or when that character in your story has REALLY made you angry you can enjoy this eggy wonder:

Smash-It Egg Yolk Stress Relief Splatter Water Toy
Well I cannot say I want it but I do Wonder about the creators...

Now this I DO want:

One of my amazing CPs has something akin to this and it is awesome!

Thinking of Advancing My Writing Tool

LiveScribe Pen - AWESOME!! Check out the website! If you are interviewing sources then this pen would do wonders for you!

I WANT THIS!!!! Would love it for home & the office!
The iHome version is on sale for $28.92 on Amazon

Oh and this is so cool!! Last but not least:

The Conceal Bookshelf!

Conceal Bookshelf -Large - I am buying one of these! Only 14.95$

How about you? Have you discovered any odd & wonderful items lately?

Have a WONDERful Wednesday!


  1. oh man, those conceal bookshelves are so cool! Also, now i want to eat some bacon. mmmmm.

  2. Oh, my goodness. That LiveScribe thing is SO a quick quills pen. Want. One.

  3. I want that bookshelf. It looks AMAZING!

  4. I definitely love that bookshelf! And your purse is adorable. And your roses and that cake... wow!

  5. I think you are having way too much fun :)

    Excuse me while I look for my check card . .


  6. Now that's what I call a birthday celebration! And the toys....gotta love'em all. I'm especially interested in that Livescribe thingy! :)

  7. Happy birthday! And wow, you know how to celebrate. Maybe I need to take lessons. :)

  8. Love love LOVE that handbag! Sounds like you had a fantastic birthday.


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