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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Wants & Wonders: SNOW

"I frequently tramped eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech-tree, or a yellow birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines."
-Henry David Thoreau
I am not sure if Thoreau saw a winter like ours this year but if he had I know he would have seen wonder in it not aggravation. I myself have not exactly found wonder with each cold degree on the thermometer but I must say I have found some delight in the unexpected. It is rare that I get to wear sweaters for so long or boots EVERY single day, that I visit somewhere with 6 foot snow drifts, or that I yearn for humidity (yes humidity - only a true crazy southerner wishes for the humidity). Thoreau would have found beauty in the chilled air, cleansing of the snow and how nature is such a wonder. I also think that he would have seen it as a wonderful opportunity for writing. I also like to believe that he would have found humor and delight in some interesting things that we don't often run into. For that I toast him and his appreciation. I will now present this week's Wants & Wonders:

I thought it would be fun to showcase the white fluff in a different way...For those that don't have snow or haven't seen any (bless you) the first Wonder might catch your eye

DESCRIPTION: This kit is suitable for ages 8+ with adult supervision, but it's also a great project for an intrigued grown-up! This kit allows you to make up your own heap of snow, whatever the weather. Just add water and follow the instructions and it'll only be a few minutes before you've got your own pot of white 'snow', but without the cold. Includes full instructions, mixing tools and non-toxic ingredients.

For those of you completely tired of the white fluff and needing a safe way to vent while also using a practical item (this also might just tickle the recipient as well...) If you are a Bill Watterson fan you will love this:


Suicidal Snowman Gift Wrap Joke Gag Funny Christmas Wrapping Paper
I love the tanning bed...

Okay for those of us who don't want to step outside but yearn for the good Summer treats...give Snoopy a call: $16.95-$19.99

(I had one of these as a kid rather than an Easy Bake Oven - I'm ALWAYS in the mood for a sno cone!)

Now on the fact that Thoreau would have found time to write, actually that he would have reveled in the setting to write here are some things that might make this wintry mix more pleasant on the writing front:

To keep your mind fresh and your body warm delight in my favorite tea
Nobo Whole Fruit Tea $17.95
It is a wonderful sweet berry full bodied flavor & aroma!
LaCafetiere Optima Coffee Press, Chrome
Don't forget the French Press $17.00

If your story requires you to travel outside, please don't forget the hand warmers or foot warmers: (

HeatMax Hand & Body Warmer (40 Count)HeatMax Toasti Toes Foot Warmer (40 Pairs)

Last but not least, for those of us who have problems with our fingers getting cold while at the keyboard here is a little monkey business for your characters....(I want these - SUPER CUTE)

A pair of monkey-shaped USB hand warmers, for when you're typing in the cold or you're a sufferer of chilly hands! (they can get up to 46 degrees in 5 min, have a built in wrist support, and when they reach the temp you can disconnect & still have warm hands!) $21.00

I hope everyone found something useful today! I know I seriously want those Monkey Hands!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!!


  1. LOve the had warmers and the snowman paper! I however am SO BUMMED that the epic snow storm totally forgot to hit St Louis like predicted. KC and Chicago are buried under 2 feet of snow and all I got was 5 in of snowy/sleety/ice pellets. AARRGGHHH

  2. Ha ha ha ha ha! I love, love, love the wrapping paper!!! :-)

  3. I love the wrapping paper and the monkey hands! Amazing!

  4. There are a lot of hunters in my wifes family and Hothands are everywhere this time of year!! :)

  5. I do think that snow is a wonder. It can be so gorgeous. But then I haven't seen as much of it this year as Chicago or Iowa or other places have . . . The fruit tea looks so good. I'll have to Google it now. Have a great weekend, Courtney!


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