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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Greetings...from a Royal Adventure....

So here we are... 4. The kids are happily swimming in the pool, my brother & girlfriend are walking the sand dunes, my sister is laying on the bed, Kristin is beside me watching Lopez and well I am missing my hubby. He had to go back today due to work (don't worry we knew he would have to leave early) and well a vacation is just not as much fun without my hilarious and wonderful Marcus.

The other night our entire crew went to dinner...yeah..its a fun outing (don't warn the waitress its much more fun to see the fear on their faces when they first seat us...)
This is just a snippet...(Click to enlarge - I am taking this particular photo-do note this isn't all of us..)

We have two children here with injuries: one in a hand cast (Kristin) and one in a toe to knee cast on crutches (my nephew Coy)...this means they can't go to the beach and get in the water. BUT! Wait!! they CAN go to Ripley's Believe It or Not! & WonderWorks!! So who volunteers to take them? Why, me & Marcus! It was a blast. We all enjoyed the exhibits then we had a wonderful lunch at a beachside restaurant...

Yes, my husband and nephew are crazy...but we love'em...

But this morning me, Kristin, & Marcus woke up at 7 a.m. to go lay on the white sands of the Emerald Coast.

We literally got out of bed, grabbed our mats - towels - snacks - umbrella and headed to the sandy edge. We stretched out and...... went back to sleep listening to the waves...did I mention:

It is beautiful here!

(Check out the rainbow)

"I dropped a tear in the ocean... whenever they find it, I'll stop loving you..."

Enjoy what remains of a Terrific Tuesday!


  1. Your hubby's face looks pretty adorable on the head of that buxom blonde!! LOL! You're right, Princess - it's beautiful there. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. :-)

  2. Boy this looks awesome. Enjoy Courtney!

  3. Awesome! Family get-togethers are so much fun. Too bad hubby had to go early. Enjoy your piece of paradise there. :)

  4. Looks lovely! I'm glad you're having fun. You're blessed to have a loving family that like each other. :)

    Have fun!

  5. Oooo the beach. I'm jealous...

  6. "I dropped a tear in the ocean... whenever they find it, I'll stop loving you..."

    Love that quote. Do you know where it's from?

  7. *slight jealousy sets in*

    *sips vodka*

    *jealousy eases*


  8. OOOH! I LOVE Ripley's Believe It or Not. Even though i've been to the one in Wisconsin dells like a dozen times, i always want to go again every time we vacay there

  9. You know....I was reading you post and thinking...gee, we have a wonderworks...and man that Harpoon Harry's looks awfully familiar....
    You came to my neck of the woods! Small world! Hope you enjoy your time on the Emerald Coast and of course some good reading! ^_^

  10. Hey, Princess! It's Friday and I have a contest (ends tonight) that you don't want to miss. Hop over and enter. :-)

  11. Yes my dear, it was a blast! so glad we all got to go. I hate that we may have to wait two-three years to do it all over again???



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