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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good Morning...from the Gulf Coast...

Good Morning my blogging friends.... I have been sporatic and poorly posting lately...for that I greatly apologize.

BUT there have been some extenuating circumstances.

In the past month my family has grown by one.

We now welcome Kristin to our family. She is my sixteen year old niece and is now a permanent member of our household. We have been working on legal documentation, school enrollment, driver's license tests, shopping, redesigning, redecorating, laughing, smiling and loving the new addition to our lives.

Right this moment my husband and her are still sleeping as I sit on the balcony of a beach home on the Gulf Coast. I can hear the early morning beach traffic, the waves crashing and feel the sun warming my skin. My little dog Peanut is beside me sniffing the air - no doubt reveling in the myriad of scents. Downstairs my other nieces and nephews are waking up and stirring in the lower floor, above me my sister and a few other nieces and nephews are moving as well. On the first floor (we have 3 floors) my parents are quietly stirring and walking out towards the pool...

YES! we are on vacation. 9 days, beach fun, warm sunshine and lots of family. More will arrive this afternoon and then we will be here - a large group of people who genuinely enjoy each other's company.

We are here to relax, to bond, to indulge and to support the coast that we have loved our whole lives. The beaches truly are open and I will be uploading photos beginning this evening and letting you all vicariously enjoy the beautiful Gulf Coast; also so you can begin to plan your next vacation in hopes you might frolic in our pure white sands...The oil spill has wreaked havoc on perception of our coast and well, I want to let you see how it is really doing.

So enjoy the day, have some good food, and check back later for more info on these announcements:

*I have been dancing around 300 followers for a while now and well its about time for a F.I.C. (Follower Incentive Contest). I will be finding a special 'beachy' prize while I am down here as well as some other prizes. So be SURE to check in on all of that.

*Don't forget the To Kill A Mockingbird Contest ends next week so go enter it too (click on the sidebar link)!

Now I am headed to get some breakfast and see what the day holds...

"A vacation is having nothing to do, and all day to do it in..."
-Robert Orden

Have a Sunny Sunday!


  1. Enjoy your vacation and send LOTS of pictures!!

  2. Sounds perfect! Nothing quite like family and the beach. Enjoy the moments :)

  3. I'm sounds like the perfect place to just do nothing. Have a super summer holiday!

  4. I'm glad Bonnie didn't disrupt your vacation. I thought the storm would "cloud" my weekend off, but I was fortunate.

    I have been doing a ghostly serial on my blog wherein I have been framed for the murder of the ghost of Ernest Hemingway and finding myself a fugitive from all sorts of things that go bump in the night.

    I only mention this as Tuesday's post details the adventure of Gypsy, my cat, against the towering Sphinx of Thebes on the black sands of the world between worlds.

    I know you love animals, and I thought you might be entertained by Gypsy's adventure. Roland

  5. Your absence was certainly noted, but I'm happy for your family addition. I must ask, of course, (if you're willing to share) how you came to be guardians of your 16-yr-old niece. I hope it's nothing tragic, though I can't imagine a positive spin to the situation. I hope everyone is all right.

  6. Enjoy your vacation and family. I look forward to seeing your photos.

    Lola loves you!

  7. Happy vacation, good lady!

    Also, your 16 yr old niece? That's a story I'm curious about. But I recommend not letting her read my blog over your shoulder--I wouldn't want to be responsible for the corruption of a minor. I'm socially responsible like that. :)

  8. Congratulations on your new family addition. That sounds so exciting. And vacation! I'm so jealous! Send us pictures so we call enjoy.

  9. I'm jealous! I'd love to be on the beach, with nothing to do but enjoy.

    I'll think good thoughts of you anyway; everyone deserves this vacation.

    Have lovely time.


  10. COngrats to your new addition to your family.

  11. You are all so wonderful!!! I grinned from ear to ear this evening when I saw your comments...

    It has been a wild & wonderful ride and we are just beginning ;o)

    The vacay is relaxing and we are having a blast! Pics will be up in a sec!

  12. You'll love having a 16 year old in your home - I have one & she's the light of my life!


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