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Friday, June 4, 2010

Dream Sequence Blogfest!!

Amalia T. is hosting today's blogfest: Dream Sequence Blogfest!! So this one was interesting to approach; dreams and flashbacks can really change a character's path. I am excited to read all the other entries and hope you will too! Since my current WIP does not have a dream sequence (though I am considering one) I decided to do one on the fly! I treated it a little like my Wednesday's Written Word because that stimulates me quite well. So I just used Dream and well this is what I came up with...

A cool breeze glides over my skin as I walk into the room.

With every step unease crawls over my body leaving a trail of tremors. My eyes sweep the floor - shards of glass blink in the sunlight. The window's shattered center crunches beneath my shoes...

My fingers itch to touch but even in sleep I know the dangers...the barrier of reality is thin at best.

Two nights now and I find myself beyond the veil. The first time was not only terrifying but a disaster. Maybe this time I can keep my head and wake up alone...the darkness that I took back with me was more than a nightmare. I know now that time is different here, that beyond the veil of sleep I have no control.

A small round blue shard catches my eye. Immediately I bend down. It is the one. The symbol.

If I just grab it, take it now...

My knees begin to shake as I lean closer to the glass. The perfect round edges, the star and dagger etched into the center and on the dagger the initials that haunt me in light and darkness...

Z I H - what does it mean?

My body begins to react to the shard; pulsating pain beats against my skull, my eyes water as the stinging grows, I want to scream.

I taste blood and realize I've bitten my tongue. Cautiously I straighten up, the need to touch is beginning to make me weak.


My own voice disappears as darkness colors the walls.

The light breeze from earlier no longer filters through the busted frame; sticky, heavy air weighs me down. I know the shifters will be here soon, my presence beyond the veil would not go unnoticed for long.

I feel him before I see him - a dark silhouette, not real, not imaginary but a culmination of every nightmare. He hovers along the line waiting for me to make a mistake or for me to choose...the darkness.

He craves me but is forced to bank his desire. I desire his touch but must never act on it. We study each other, violet eyes meeting silver across the room.

Glancing at the shards then at me he speaks "Why are you here?" His voice is deep and rich, a gravelly tone that soothes and intimidates.

"I don't know." My voice, a whisper that hangs amid the humid air.

"You know the rules beyond the veil...I cannot protect you. I cannot change it here...they are coming for you now. You are weak...."

"I know."

"You need to wake up."

"I don't know how."

"If I help you - it will hurt..." His form slides across the space and I can feel his breath next to my ear.

In the distance an eerie screech has me flinching. They are close.

"Please. They are coming..."

"Close your eyes." I look at the shadow once before obeying his command.

Immediately a chill grips my throat. I want to claw and scratch as he pulls me into an abyss. Hate swamps me, anger, desire, passion rolls around my stomach and I raise my arms. Then I am overcome with sadness. Closing my fists I wait for the pain. The door that will open when he cuts into my soul.

It comes. A ripping starts in my chest as he moves beyond my feelings and into my core. My skin aches, and my head begins to pound. Heat burrows into my right hand and the fire has me screaming. The sound bounces off the walls. I feel as though he has cut open my chest and torn me apart. Suddenly my breathing begins to slow and I feel like I am floating.

"Sweet dreams." His voice is like silk against my skin.

I lick my lips tasting the tart flavor of blood then I open my eyes no longer trapped by sleep.

I lay on the floor covered in sweat. My hand aches and I look down: Z I H has been burned into my wrist.


Wishing you a Fabulous Friday!!


  1. ZIH? Noooooooooo!
    It's never really a it....

  2. Great. Like Poe's "Dream Within A Dream." Roland

  3. What's with you and Megan and the arm burning? ;-)

    (If you're not familiar with Megan, check out below:

  4. You have such a way with words when you craft a piece. Your imagery and description are so good I'm jealous. Needless to say, I really liked this. :)

  5. Eerie! Awesome stuff done on the fly!! :)

  6. LOL. I was thinkin' the same thing as Wendy. But I did love this scene.

    Totally missed the memo about this fest but I've been slacking on the blog front lately.

  7. I love the flow of this, the quiet menace of it.

  8. Wow, you sucked me in. I hope you take this idea farther. ZIH? Now I have to know who he is and their connection. Don't forget about this lovely start, store it away if needed, but come back to it. You have something great here.

  9. Nice! I'm really bad at dream sequences. Grrr. I just found your blog today. Nice to meet you!

  10. No no no--you can't leave it there!! That was awesome writing. I crave more. ;-)

  11. "the darkness that I took back with me was more than a nightmare" That was a great way to show the lingering dread she wakes up with. Great sequence...the ending was surprising and made me want to read more.

    Great job.

  12. Ooo, well done Courtney. I always love reading your writing. And I feel so bad that I haven't been by your blog very much lately. I miss it. Can you ever forgive me?????

  13. I loved your dream sequence. The pace, description and the imagery. The idea of the veil and the not- without-consequences help.

  14. Super a good way. :) I hate those dreams where you know you're dreaming and you want to wake up but can't. I really like the added effect of the humid air; to me, that always means bad things. Something about it - maybe the way it presses against your lungs and makes you sweat - just screams "forboding" to me. lol

  15. You set a great pace here, it's a really smooth read! It's a bit eerie, too...*shivers*

  16. This was really interesting! I want to know more about this mysterious dark dream figure who can't protect her beyond the veil. Definitely sucked me in!

    Thanks for participating!! I hope you do more with this :)

  17. Awesome - I was pulling for her to wake up in time! :)

  18. Oooh!!! I like and want more! Very intriguing indeed! I want to know who Z I H is! I love how you describe how his voice sounds--very clear. And, I love this: "darkness colors the walls"

    *Sigh* I just love expressive prose like that, I'm a huge fan of that!

    Thanks for dropping by and reading my dream sequence! ;)

  19. Oh my God this was amazing, it was supper intense and I'm so intrigued I just want to read more! Nice job!

  20. This dream sequence is very intriguing. Amazing on the fly.

    I want to know more.

  21. This is so awesome :) I like that she can't wake up so he has to make her.. very cool idea.

    <3 Kelsey Leigh

  22. Nice work here. That's a different approach with the veil aspect and I really enjoyed it. And the consequence of the dream makes it even better.

  23. Kris & Kels -thank you so much for stopping by! I am glad you enjoyed the sequence - I toyed with that concept for a moment but it just felt right so I left it in - happy that you liked it! ;o)

    Hayley - lol I am SO glad you enjoyed it! I plan to set it aside for a later project idea (but of course ideas are already floating around my head) Thank you so much for your sweet comment!

    Elizabeth - I loved your entry! It was a great read. Thank you so much for stopping by mine. I am ecstatic that you enjoyed it and wanted more - thank you for such a sweet comment. As always a pleasure to see you in the Kingdom.

    Tessa - Thank you so much for your kind comment. Again, like I told Stu, pace can be something I have to work on sometimes so I am glad this worked smoothly for my readers. I appreciate you stopping by the Kingdom! ;o)

    KM - I am with you! Humid air totally makes a scene thick with mystery & darkness. It also makes the South thick with sweat and stickiness...;o) I am so glad you enjoyed the entry and thank you so much for stopping by! ;o)

    Raquel - Always a pleasure to see you in the Kingdom! I am glad you enjoyed it and that the ending caught you offguard and kept you interested! ;o)

    Sharon -lol thank you thank you thank you! It is always a pleasure to see a reader react with the want to continue a story. It means I hooked you! ;o) So glad you enjoyed it and a pleasure to see you in the Kingdom!

    Lydia - Pleasure to meet you too! WELCOME TO THE KINGDOM!! ;o) I am so glad you found my crazy world and that you enjoyed the entry. Thank you so much for your kind words ;o) I look forward to seeing you in the Kingdom ;o)

    Stu - Thank you so much! Often I worry that my pace can get off - thank you for letting me know that here it worked! I appreciate your comment and it is a pleasure to welcome you to the Kingdom

    Dawn - Thank you for your kind words. I am so happy you enjoyed it. It was a pleasure to see you in the Kingdom today ;o)


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