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Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Memos!

Family...a group experience of love and support.
-Marianne Williamson
There are books, there are movies, there are poems, there are songs that tell us what a family is. None of them the same, none of them wrong - all of them can be right.

When I sit down to work on a project, family is something that inadvertently creeps in. I don't always recognize the familial relationships at first but then as the characters develop they become more apparent. They sneak into the friendship between a hero and a victim. They wrap around the one destined to save them all and they surprise the one who lost his/her faith in humanity. I see it between characters who society would say are too young to grasp the meaning and between older characters who had all but given up on connecting with someone else. The feeling of family is something that I cannot help but pepper into my work.

I am blessed to have two loving parents who support every avenue I want to take. My love of reading, writing and art is because they always let me know they would be beside me no matter my direction. They told me when something I created was good, when it was okay and when it was something they did not connect with. It was never bad because they taught me that so long as I am creating, putting my heart into my work then the end result is something to be proud of. It may still be something that needs work, could be improved or might be shelved; but it was worth it because I loved it at that time.

Family does that. We help each other, we call the bluffs - yet we are there when the wall crumbles down, we stand our ground, we give, we take, we endure the times when the page is blank and we feel alone but we know we are not.

My Royal Court on the right hand sidebar are people I go to when I need advice, when I need help, or when I just need to smile. There are people who are not listed over there that visit my site and provide the same support.
Each one is a member of my family:
I have a Wolfpack Leader who makes me grin every time I see her, especially if the Tiger got in the bathroom again...
A girl who feels that "shame" comes in the form of Vlogging or in a story about a gameshow...(we will find that video one day!).
A picture book author who has a knack for finding the perfect quote every day and seems to keep a permanent smile on her face while constantly dreaming of books.
A man who can spout Frost, Hemingway or Woolf - knows classical music like the back of his hand - enjoys great Vodka, writes stirring flash fiction and has a heart of gold when referencing his own immediate family.
There are bloggers who share my love of Disney, who know why Crimson & White are my favorite fall colors, who are Royalty as well, who can teach me line editing, who help with my POV. So many people who I consider family. Who I mourn with when they lose someone, who I laugh with when sharing a joke, who I cry with when they need me, who I offer support when I can.

You all make my writing better. You all make me better.
Thank you for being such a great family and for providing a Southern girl a taste of the world through the keys on a keyboard and the wonderful idea that one day, one day, I may get to meet you all. What a reunion we would have...
Some family updates...

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Please note that on my left sidebar are my blogrolls... There are a ton of blogs worth checking out so if you get a moment, scroll through, add one to the list above and introduce yourself to my family. I promise we won't bite... unless of course you wander over to one of the horror writers...can't promise anything there!

Have a Marvelous Monday!


  1. Oh, Courtney, you are too sweet for words! I was just talking to my hubby yesterday about how amazed I am by the powerful friendships we are able to develop online. I feel so close to many of you that you really DO feel like family!

    I adore you, Princess! And thanks for the shout-out. :-)

  2. Ah, good lady. Thank you for the link, and the lovely words. *bows*

  3. What a sweet post! I love the friends I've made online too. It's like a giant sorority that includes boys. :)

    And thank you for the mention!

  4. Friendships are aewsome, I love the friends I've made online, how close I've gotten to several writers. It's nice to get to know those who have the same interests you have!

    You are the sweetest blogger, thought you should know!

  5. I love Shannon, Isn't she so awesome?

  6. You're so awesome. I just made fun of myself on my blog for the way I write... it's even more obvious when I read your words. Thanks for making me feel like a 5th grader when I write! :)

  7. Good morning, Princess! It's Wed. and I have some awards for you today! :-)


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