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Sunday, August 2, 2009

PCB - Spa Weekend

Well the weekend of July 16 -19, I took my mother & sister down to Panama City Beach for a Spa Weekend.
(the pier outside our room that leads to Lime's)It was so much fun. We had no idea the Billfish tournament was going on that weekend, but we discovered it on Thursday night when we arrived at the Bay Point Resort & Spa to tons of cars & people. The Spa is located on the tip of the Bay right along the marina. It is absolutely gorgeous & huge! Our room was on the ground floor with direct access from our patio to the pier that goes over to Lime's (a Restaurant/Bar that featured live music). We ordered a club sandwich and some quesadillas from King Fish on property - OME so yummy.

There were so many pools - of all kinds: heated, lagoon style, whirlpool, salt water, chlorinated. They are surrounded by cabanas and lush landscaping. The staff was sensational! Due to having so many people on property and at the resort for the festival we lucked up & valet parking was complimentary our entire stay! woohoo!

The first full day was Spa treatments. We woke up early and headed over to Serenity Spa (it was right around the corner from our room). We treated ourselves to some bottle water, spa robes, slippers and then over to the whirl pool. AHHH!!! So wonderful. Nina ventured into the sauna. I really hate being overly heated so I stuck to the warm whirlpool. They called us when it was time for our massages. OME!! An our of luxuriating Swedish massages... so good. Then we were scheduled for hour long Facials. This was fun. I have never had a true facial before and my attendant was someone who actually studies the dermatological side of it. I only usually use soap & water to clean my face... um not good. lol. She lectured me (very sweetly, but firm) about what I need to be doing to take care of my skin. What she did was awesome! I felt so refreshed when it was over. Then we ordered our lunch and sat lazily by the pool before heading in for our pedicures. As I sat there sipping a mimosa and chatting with my mom and the attendant, I realized it has been too long since the three of us (sister, mom & me) have done something like this. It needs to be something we do more often. (I mean just the treat of a spa day is always great, but spending it with my two favorite females is even better!) The day was wonderful!

After that we decided to get dressed and find somewhere to eat dinner before catching a movie. Pompano's won the dinner choice due to driving on Front Beach in the evening is a trip so it looked good & did not seem to have been hit yet with the dinner rush. The food was good, the restaurant loud - but pretty, the restrooms - okay these need to be addressed by management of this facility - YUCK. lol. I hate public restrooms anyway, but geez. ew. lol

After dinner I decided to barrel my way to Pier Park where we would watch the movie. Yes barrel my way. If you have never driven, oh I am sorry, 'cruised' around PCB it is an experience. Horn honking, people walking, riding, beer flowing, crazy people driving (present company of course excluded) everywhere!
We made it to Pier Park & watched Harry Potter 6. My third viewing of the movie. It was around 12:30 a.m. when it finished and after returning to the Resort Nina decided she wanted to walk out to Lime's for some drinks & music. So around 1 a.m the two of us left mom to settle in for the evening and we went to watch the real crazies come out (again present company excluded *wink*). It was an interesting few hours. Almost a few fights, one girl did not like that she wasn't wearing regular underwear (though I am sure for those who saw them as she lifted her dress over her drunk head I am sure they were fine) and the music was pretty good.

Saturday we decided to just get in the pool for a little bit then do some browsing/shopping back at Pier Park. So many cute little shops, yummy eateries, and tons of people. After buying a few things we had some lunch then headed back to the room to chill before heading to dinner.

Dinner for our final night was Captain Andersons on the Marina. If you have never been - you should definitely go! It is so yummy!!! We had some great drinks, some delicious appetizers, our entrees were divine, but dessert was perfect!!

Sunday we ordered room service for breakfast. Did I mention the onsite food locations were awesome??? We had pancakes, waffles, eggs, grits, sausage, bacon, toast, juice, milk, fruit...we were stuffed as we finished packing and got on the road.
it was a wonderful weekend. I really enjoyed the relaxation that is a Spa retreat. Nina & Mom were so much fun! We tried some new things, talked incessantly, and just enjoyed each other's company!

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