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Monday, August 27, 2007

One year... 365 days...

An entire year has passed since we got married... a whole year... 365 days... it seems like it was only a few months ago that we had everyone down in Florida, that our honeymoon is still so fresh within our minds...crazy isn't it? Years pass by so quickly once you are out of high school & when college is over, wow, 'fly by' really just doesn't even sum it up! I still can remember the feeling I had when Marcus first kissed me, our first dance - the Sophomore dance, crying as the boys lost state in football, graduation and realizing our relationship was to be tested, when I left him for Disney & when I came back to him after Disney, when we decided we were actually going to make it legal & get married, when we told everyone at Thanksgiving, when I found the dress, when we made the flight plans, when I woke up that morning before my bridesmaid luncheon & when we looked out over our reception as we made our first dance and smiled, and mostly when we boarded that plane for the caribbean we sighed, smiled, and just laughed out loud & began to discuss how it had already been the best trip ever! Those moments, those memories, are still so fresh! There are a million others in between all of those listed, some so recent & others from what seems like eons ago.

This anniversary marks yet another batch of memories... we went to Sandestin, Florida. Let me tell you, this area is unreal. They named the area Sandestin in order to make a more elite community than regular ol' Destin. Elite is definitely the correct adjective. They made their area a great deal like Celebration, Florida. This resort community is covered in amenities. There are 11 'individual resorts' that act as one. You can use everyone's pools so long as you have a card that you are staying there, everyone's golf course, tennis courts, beaches, marinas, shops, restaurants, bars. The Village of Baytowne Wharf is gorgeous! Lots of wonderful boutiques, great little eateries, & nightlife suitable to any style or choice. But everything has a price. They made Celebration look inexpensive & a great number of major cities I have been to appear to sell burlap! The brands, the jewelry, the food was all exquisite. So everything bought was worth its dollar, but whew! We really enjoyed ourselves.
Due to that 'all resort amenities' thing you can just park, relax, and enjoy everything they offer. You can just call this tram & it will take you everywhere, if you have a little too much to drink, just dial them up & they are there, to the beach, to the bars, to the shops, wherever! There is also boat shuttling, golf carts, ECVs, go carts, bikes, etc. If it has wheels or floats they offer it! It is its own world. You don't have to even go back onto the highway until you are ready to leave, it was wonderfully relaxing. We were staying in a condo/bungalow that belongs to a friend of Marcus & it was beautiful. Very reminiscent of a beach 'cottage'. Location was sensational to all the resort activities. They even have all these nature trails for you & your pet/family. There are activities devoted to kids, to adults, to animals, they really cater to your every need. The weather & water was sensational! The sand dollars were everywhere so I created a nice collection of those.

We hit the Silver Sands outlet mall as well. Coach, Cole Haan, & Brooks Brothers will probably never be the same thanks to us! :) Poppy's in the village is a Surf & Turf restaurant unlike any other. They have a 30 pound lobster that costs $300 to consume. We of course had Steak & Lobster. The Lobster was stuffed & blackened, the steak was perfect!!! HUGE 22 ounce Ribeye!!! But so worth every moment, penny, & decision! Creme Brulee rounded off a perfect anniversary dinner.
The sunset on the bay was so beautiful! The way Poppy's is set up you are on the balcony overlooking the bay, watching that big orange orb dip lower & lower! there is nothing like it, it just sweeps stress away...

Peanut had a great time, we really do think that he believes we live at these beach houses & just visit Tuscaloosa! :) He has become such a little beach bum! Well I hope that these pictures capture how much we enjoyed our stay! We look forward to going back soon!

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  1. I love how all of your comments about travel still read like a tour guide! I miss ya'll! Congrats on your 1st official year!
    We love you


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