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Monday, March 26, 2007

Tired & Worried

Well, it is Monday again. Another weekend has flown by. Marcus's father Robert came in to town on Friday. It was great to see him, he brought me prizes!! (Marcus claims he likes me more than him, I just say that I am the cute one and keep on going :) )Glasses, a pitcher, some appetizer plates, cute & funky for me. He did bring Marcus some shoes though, so plhbbbb!!

Anyway, we went to dinner at Mug Shots (GREAT burgers!!) and then just had some pleasant conversation.

Saturday was great, we slept a little late. Robert went on up to Calera to see Rob, Regina & the girls, so Marcus & I went to the store for some items to cook out on Sunday. We rode up Saturday night and met up for dinner, the girls are so cute. Regan was in a great mood and really was a pleasure to be around. Riley can stare a hole through you!! It is freaky. She is so quiet and reserved. Regan was a wild hair from the beginning so it is a different site. Rob did inform us that he has now taught Regan to play World of Warcraft on the computer. Yes, a 3 year old is now playing the internet's/gamer's most addictive game.... and she is good at it to boot. Now the whole video young kid thing is very funny - she told a little girl at a party the other day (because the girl was made at her over something) that she would battle her if she needed to. Yes, BATTLE. hilarious and scary in one breath.

Sunday was so beautiful outside that we grilled and ate out on the deck. It was so much fun and a wonderful welcome into spring. The food was great too. We ended up back in Birmingham at Rob & Regina's last night. Their air conditioner had gone out, but the company was very nice. After returning home we were so tired!! I am ready for this coming up weekend because we have no plans. (so sad to say that) the next few are already mapped out so, here we go into the week.

Sorry for the rambling...

Now in the mix of all this visiting, we have worries. Bear, our rottweiler, has taken ill over the past 2 weeks. He has rapidly lost weight (about 12 pounds) and Sunday, he went blind. We are taking Thursday off to get him to our family vet in Camden. The vet already suspects diabetes, but we won't be sure until tests are run. Now for anyone who knows Bear, knows that he is a boisterous, loving, overgrown puppy. He is our youngest child and we love him very much. It pains us both to watch him seem to wither away and not know what we can do to make him more comfortable. My mind has already begun to prepare for the worst & hope for the best. It is so hard to think of not having my big protector around the house that my eyes just fill with tears, I also worry about Bubbles (our little terrier) and how she would adjust if need be. I know to many people dogs are just dogs, but these are our children, members of our family, so I beg you to pray for these two. That Bear finds comfort & that we can do whatever we need to & that Bubbles finds comfort in whatever happens...

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  1. I'm so sorry for Bear! I hope that all will go well at the Vet's on Thursday. Even though he's big and jumps on me all the time I do have a fondness for him...


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