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Friday, May 16, 2014

Updates + a Big Family Announcement

Hey Everybody! *waves frantically*

It is definitely been too long, too much time, too much happening around here for me to have slipped away since…well…since a little while ago.

SOOOO many things going on around here.

We’ll start right about:

The Duchess is home for the summer – searching desperately for a summer job. She is definitely excited that classes are over, I just hope she realizes that this next year will be even more important than the last. The pressure will continue and intensify as her college career grows.

The King (aka Stable Boy) has been working his tail off (literally). He’s gotten dedicated to daily gym trips, cleaning up our garage (which honestly is like some crazy Hydra – clean one area and another messy one appears times two…) and staying busy with his dayjob. He works in construction so warmer weather means more jobs – always a good thing.

The furbaby Prince’s are precious as ever. Snickers is creeping up on his 1st birthday and Peanut Butter is still crossing his fingers that his little brother is temporary…sorry Nutter.

I’m working on more art and more writing. I entered an art show in my home town and pleasantly surprised myself by placing – it truly is an honor. It was quite nerve wracking. It’s been since High School that my hometown has seen any of my art…these people have known me since I first grabbed a sketchpad and they are always there for me, they are important to me. I never want to let them down or fail them – they are family. The judge however is from another state – no connection whatsoever and is a highly accomplished artist – the fact that he loved it enough to award me second place…makes him a new favorite of mine ;o)

Oh and one more thing…..


Yep. We are. We are in the VERY beginning stage of applications, scheduling home studies and getting sooo excited about this step in our lives. It is only through the blessings of God that we are able to begin this process and it will only be through Him that we will see this process through. I cannot begin to express our excitement….There is so much to share and I plan on doing that ASAP! Look for my next entry to share our story of the whys? The with who? The process.

Please keep us in your thoughts, your prayers and send the best possible love to the universe…



  1. Adoption is such a special journey -- congratulations and love to you as you take these first steps!! (Grew up as part of a foster family... mom still fosters and she and her husband have recently adopted 2!)

    1. What a wonderful journey your parents have taken and what a blessing I know those foster children are to them. Thank you so much! We are thrilled and scared and excited and every emotion and its only the first stage!!!! sheesh! Thank you for commenting, for following and I hope to see you swing through here again in the near future - I plan to keep the process updated.

  2. Congrats!!! That is exciting news! :)

    1. Oh DL! Thank you so much! I have been wanting to announce this and wanting to share and am finally at the point where I can. I intend to mix these updates and blog more regularly about writing, my art and the beautiful blessing that we will receive. Thank you as always for all you do....your blitzkrieg makes me smile every time I see it in my inbox and I get to meet someone new or visit an old friend ;o)


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