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Saturday, July 27, 2013

What a Royally Fabulous Blitz it was....

I'm not sure what to say. People were everywhere in the Kingdom yesterday!!!! Like....all over the place! Wow.

 I've been participating in D.L. Hammons Blog Blitz this summer. It is quite possibly one of the coolest things I've ever done. So far I have added to my blog roll some of the coolest blogs and I'm itching to visit the remaining ones. I also had the supreme pleasure of adding his wife Kim as a friend on Facebook when we blitzed her on her last day of treatments. 

Yesterday I had the unbelievable treat of being Blitzed. So far 132 comments are on my last post - a post where I was promoting another of D.L.'s great ideas (Write Club). I cried when I saw them start coming in - my email began truly understanding what Blitzkrieg is all about.

Yes we make a note on another bloggers site; saying hello and happy blitz. However what I had failed to understand by being just a participant is the emotion of seeing all these people who I respect so much saying those hellos and sweet messages as the recipient. It surged through me like a new breath and I found myself crying, smiling and laughing. I guess I thought as a participant it would just be a quick "oh how nice" when it happened to me, boy was I wrong. I have 132 replies to make and goodness almost that many blogs to add to my roll AND I WILL VISIT THEM! Lol

I do need to return to blogging. It is a creative outlet that allows me to keep my juices flowing and it never ceased to make me smile. I am pleased to let all of you know that I have been writing. My novel is coming along well. My CPs are itching for the next chapters and it brings a smile to my face to have so many people to share my love of words with. Please don't be strangers, my little Kingdom welcomes everyone, my Royal Family is quite inviting and loves to entertain....

I again am honored to have you all come into my Kingdom, to meet you all, to share with you all and to D.L. who may never realize how amazing, inspiring and uplifting this little experiment truly is...


  1. So sorry I missed the blitz yesterday, but so thrilled the expected result was to get you back in the game, but for me, if you've been concentrating on your writing - that's truly what's important!

    So happy to see you happy!

  2. Ack, I meant to blitz you and I forgot so happy blitz day a day late from a new follower! D.L. is one of the coolest cats around. Every blogger who has been chosen to be blitzed is great in their own way, including you.

  3. Hey Courtney - I completely missed the boat on visiting you for the blitz yesterday, but I will go and visit that post too! I agree, it's amazing how the words of "strangers" can generate such strong emotion.

  4. Sorry I missed the blitz yesterday. I've had out of town company and honestly forgot. Congrats on being chosen. Your blog is awesome and please don't give up sharing a piece of yourself with the world.

  5. It is hard to imagine what its like when the eye of the blogosphere looks in your direction, but it's gratifying to hear that the Blitz had the desired affect. Thank you for being a gracious host Courtney! :)

  6. Belated Blitz!

    The honor of the visit is mine, my dear princess. I'm glad you enjoyed your blitzing, I love being part of something that makes the days of others.

  7. So glad to hear that you will return to blogging after the blitz :)

  8. Congrats on Blitz day!!!!! I am a little late to the party but still wanted to stop by!

  9. Well, I'm REALLY late on blitzing you! DL's e-mail got lost in my overflowing inbox but so glad I came to visit anyway. I love your blog! Always glad to meet another southern girl, too :-)

  10. I missed your blitz day! Happy belated, anyway :-)
    Wasn't this a wonderful idea of DL's?

  11. thank you all! Belated, on time, is all the most fabulous of visitations ever!!! Thank you all for being so supportive.


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