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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 days in...Can you feel your fingertips?

"Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish..."
-John Jakes
My fingertips are beginning to rub the letters from the keys, to know the words before my mind even processes the scene, they are moving quickly then finding a slow ease to the lines that appear on the screen above them. They stretch languidly as my eyes dance along the heart speeds up as excitement turns to thrilling anticipation of the next paragraph.

My eyes dart to the clock and realize that I have to pause, to calm my heart and attend to the dayjob. I check the wordcount and smile. I have met my daily goal. I realize that I have not updated the site and chastise myself...but wait...the site is there to help me remain disciplined, to remind me of why this magical month is so wonderful, I know that updating is good but what is important is the words on the screen...the flow of the story...the discovery of the character and the passion that pours through the worn keys from heart, head & fingers....yes...I wink at the screen, sharing secrets and suppressing a smile. It is me on the screen, a part of me that knows danger, thrills at adventure, fears the unknown, loves with all its soul and defies the laws of nature...

My mind flickers to thoughts of you, dear Royal Court, and I frown. You are not forgotten, not put aside due to dayjobs, family time, or even lack of internet - you are actually my support group, my silent section of the stadium that waits patiently for the scoring drive, your faces are beautiful, your words are my comfort. I look forward to your posts even if I must visit while being invisible, must read quickly and take in your sage advice and humorous anecdotes.

Good Wednesday everyone...
it is 10 days into NaNoWriMo...
my fingertips are still tingling from the sheer joy of this month...
How are yours doing?


  1. WooHoo! Great job! I hit a major valley the last two days, but it started to flow again last night and I solved my massive plot hole on the way to school this morning, so I'm itching to get back to writing! Keep it up... Can't believe we're a third of the way there!

  2. Wow, Princess! You are really moving toward that goal - you'll get there early at this rate!! Good for you. I don't NaNo because my books are too short, but I'm a huge cheerleader to all of you who do! :-)

  3. Aw, I didn't realize you were doing it! I'm adding you to my buddies list now AND to the word war widget on my blog.

  4. I'm admiring all of the hard work and determination from the sidelines. You can almost feel the creativity in the air!! :)

  5. So lovely, Courtney. Good luck with goal. Sounds like it has already been an enriching experience for you.

  6. Your joy and positive personality radiates right through my screen. :)

    Awesome job on your word count!!!


  7. So as we're looking at your blog Isabel exclaims and points "there's Peanut!". followed by "I want to go see Courtney, I want to go see Peanut"

    So your Highness... you have another loyal minion. :)


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