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Sunday, February 7, 2010


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In honor of Valentine's Day....please welcome the
Behold the Prizes

Limited Edition, COACH Purse.
"Always the Bridesmaid" by Sarah Webb

Amy's life is not working out the way she always dreamed it would. She's about to turn the dreaded three-o, her career is going nowhere fast and her love life is not exactly flourishing. To make matters worse, while things are falling apart for Amy, they seem to be coming together for everyone else in her life...

Visiting her friend Jodie, Amy finds that she and Jack, the man she once thought she might marry, have spent the night together. Her younger sister Suzi has just arrived home with her "Golden Delicious" Australian fiance in tow and announced their May wedding. And now Amy discovers that her best friend Beth is also planning on tying the knot, and Amy is asked to be a bridesmaid. With a sinking heart, she remembers that old saying: always the bridesmaid, never the bride... Surely it can't be true?
And for the RUNNER UP:

Nicole Miller Purse
What do you do to win these you ask? Oh & fellas you should enter this one, just in case you forget to get her something, one of these just might make up for it ;o)
Well, it just so happens that I love Valentine's Day.
I mean sure I try to show my family & friends how much they mean to me year round, but this day is just full of fun ways to spread the love.
So here is your challenge:

In the comments, please share with me the most memorable Valentine's gift or experience you have ever received or shared.

Pick your brain, go back to Billy's kiss on the cheek on the kindergarten playground or the first long stem read rose you were given or when that certain someone gave you the Oreo half with the cream on it...It can be anything!
I will randomly select the winners.
It's only fair to share mine:

Mine is from my hubby. 4 years ago, the year we were married, he gave me a handmade cutout heart with a cherry heart sucker taped on the inside. In marker he wrote the following words: To the most beautiful woman in the world. Do you love me? Check Yes or No.
I love you.
Yep he is that cute. He also gave me a gift card for a mani-pedi, but it was the card & the fact that he took time to cut it out himself & write the message that made me tear up. I won't ever forget that one.
This is because I will be shipping the prizes (PROMISE) on Friday so that come Monday, the 15th, you will have an extended Valentine's Day.
Open to the US & Canada
Have fun, I anxiously await your comments!


  1. You're seriously selling your male followers short here, y'know. I mean, I love a nice purse as much as the next guy, but I just don't do pink. Sorry. Mauve, perhaps. Lavender, sure. But not straight pink. So passe.


  2. Awww that is soooo sweet! I want to enter, but I have no experience with valentines day-single girl! It's actually my brother's birthday and the day that my grandfather (whom Im named for) died. So my mom always said that my brother was born that day as her father's way of giving her a gift from beyond. Does that count? I might have to go hug Felix the Frog now and hope he brings me some luck in love.

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  4. That was a great Valentines story, and I think you give the best prizes away that I have ever seen. Seriously, a coach bag? You are awesome. Someone needs to give you a prize for your generous prize-giving! Thanks for brightening my evening. I'm glad you enjoyed the Charm Bracelet preface. I've posted the first chapter on my blog, and in honor of V-day, I'm also posting the first kiss between Simon and Kate in a few days. Hope you drop by and see what happens...:)

  5. Simon - I made an adjustment just for you. Though Lavender I am sure is lovely with your eyes it is pink that goes best with Scotch. Trust me ;o)

    Frankie - girl that story SO counts! What a beautiful story and a lovely way to learn why you are named Frankie. Tell Felix Gnick the Gnome says hey! Maybe one day they will meet ;o)

    Roxy - awww thanks! Well I happen to have a huge obsession with purses and COACH has been one of my loves for quite some time. I always think every woman should own at least one so this is my way to help that plan along ;o) I will definitely stop by and check on the story... still have the preface in my memory.. ;o)

  6. Bahahaaa! Well, Courtney! You didn't have to do that, m'dear. I was perfectly happy to just swing by and poke fun. But now there's, like, tools and stuff on the line, so, erm, my favorite V-day memory?

    Must have been the year my wife and I got a room at a boutique hotel just off Rittenhouse Square in Philly--free wine and chocolates in the evening to start with was great! I might have gotten 3 dozen roses and scattered them around the room. I forget. But I do know there was an awfully nice jacuzzi in the bathroom. *sigh*

    Valentine's Day was easier before the kids came along... :)

  7. O
    Please enter me :)
    I'm an old follower.
    Sorry I don't tweet!

  8. Valentine's Day has never been overly exciting for me, but in keeping with your favorite simple story... A couple of years ago, Mike made me (and Isabel) heart shaped egg sandwiches. He does great things for me often but I really love it when he makes me Breakfast. It really is the simple things.

  9. Isabel wants to enter so this is her favorite... This year she made an early Valentine's card for Daddy. Its a pig face all made out of hearts. She's so proud of it and her daddy's face lit up when he saw it!

  10. You are too cool for words, Princess! My favorite Valentine's Day memory was with my hubby, before we were married. He surprised me with a two-day getaway to see Phantom of the Opera... I love that man! :-)

  11. P.S. I posted your contest and a link in my sidebar. :-)

  12. What an amazing contest! My Valentine's memory is when my boyfriend surprised me at work with a card and huge Hershey's bar because I was stuck at work. I'm a follower.


  13. When asked for a memoriable Valentine's Day this is the one that always comes to mind. In 7th grade I was the record keeper for the boys basketball team. They had an away game on Valentine's Day. Right before I got on the bus the "nerd" (and yes I know that's bad now!) of our class stopped me and game me a HUGE box of chocolates! All the boys were watching AND I had to get on the bus carrying that thing!

    foltzsfantasticbooks at

  14. +2 I also tweeted about it :)

    foltzsfantasticbooks at

  15. Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! Must win Coach handbag to go with my Coach wristlet. Ahhhhhh!!!! I must!!

    Okay, will be blogging and tweeting and adding to sidebar.

    But first, my sweetest Valentine's story...something simple. There are, of course, some really great moments with my husband, but for now, let's go back to second grade. I was a new resident of the US, and I spoke virtually no English. But I was befriended by this little boy who was actually supposed to be in the class ahead of me, but was set back because of his physical disabilities (I still am not quite sure what it was, but he was not able to walk, and sometimes it took him a while to respond verbally). Anyway, it was Valentine's Day, and he brought me the sweetest wooden heart, about the size of my hand, that he and his dad had made with a little looped twine on top so you could hang it from something. On it, it said, "Be my Valentine." And I remember sounding out the words, asking my mum what they meant. But I didn't have to know the words to know that it was special, that it was mine, that it was freely given--and this meant a lot to me because not everyone had been so accepting of me like that. To this day, I hang that wooden heart on my annual Christmas tree. I'll never forget Joel.

  16. I forgot to say that I love that story about you and your husband. That is such a sweet thing he did. Oh my word, check yes or no--sooooo adorable.

  17. Wow! what a contest. Well, I will post this on my blog tomorrow. My most memorable Valentines day--It was with my hubby right after we first met. We were not even dating yet we were just friends at the time. He stopped by my dorm room and threw a Valentine's day card at me and left. Strange --yes but I have been with him for 14 years. :)

  18. I will go back to 1960 (age 17) and my first real boyfriend. He sent me roses and brought over a box of chocolets and card. I was so shocked that I cried. We were still in high school so this was really special. We went together over 3 yrs but then I met my x and he met someone and we drifted apart. I still wonder what my life would have been like had we married.
    I am a romantic and have always loved Valentines day but divorced since 91' so no one to romance me now. LOL

  19. Oh good grief! I came over here to say howdy and YOU ROCK!--for entering my contest, but I see you've got an awesome one of your own...

    So hmm... Valentine's memory... I have a lot--a lot. Okay, so the cutest? probably when I was in kindergarten, and my boy friend who was a second grader (yes, i prefer older men--*ahem*) ding-dong ditched my house. And on the doormat, was a box of heart chocolates and I'm not kidding 4 different boxes worth of valentines (we're talking at least 80 here) all signed by him with cute hearts and everything with MY name on them. In each one he had a conversation heart that said something sweet, or a sticker with a kiss on it. *sigh*

    Nathan, he was my first kiss, first love. We went "out" from K-4th grade (him-2-6th). He was even the prince in my very first play I was ever in--I was Cinderella.

    This was fun! And thanks again for joining my giveaway! I hope you LOVELOVELOVE the book. Hehehee! It's good. *wink*

    Jenni James
    Northanger Alibi

  20. Okay just twittered it. I know A lot of my friends will be wanting that purse!

    *oh! and I love disney too--my hubby and I went there for our honeymoon, not the wedding though--too cool!*

  21. We don't celebrate V-day, but I can tell you a great story! On our first date my now husband picked me up from work and took me to a restaurant. He excused himself to use the restroom and was gone for 20 minutes or more. I was very concerned that he may have decided to dump me! He had not brought any cash and this was before debit Visa cards and he did not use credit cards. He had driven down tot he nearest gas station to see if they had an ATM, they didn't. We had already ordered and the food brought to the table by the time he had returned to give me the bad news. Needless to say, I paid for dinner.
    It is not over yet! He stopped at an ATM on the way to the movie theater and attempted to pay me back for dinner. We get to the movies and the one we wanted to see had sold out so we saw Zorro (with Antonio Banderas) instead. While eating popcorn and watching the movie my date had to sneeze...with a mouth full of popcorn. The popcorn landed all over me!!
    I guess the look of utter horror on his face endeared him to me becuase I couldn't stop laughing! When he dropped me off we made a date to go to a heritage fair the next day. He took my daughter and I and when people told him he had a beautiful daughter he would smile and say thank you, again endearing him to me. Sixteen months later he asked us to marry him, shortly thereafter he adopted my daughter, who is now 17 and she now tells everyone she gets her green eyes from her daddy. I don't need Valentine's Day, I have it every day of the year!

  22. Oooh, excellent contest.

    I have to say that I don't really like Valentine's Day. So I'm enjoying this because your enthusiasm is contagious!

    My husband usually gets me flowers or something, but what I love most is the cute little cards from my daughter. She loves VD too. :)

  23. My husband and I have been married almost 10 I don't remember which year it was....but my husband made me a super cute coupon book...with things in it like "back rub", "get you icecream", "make dinner" etc. on them! :) Considering my hubby isn't the "romantic" type...I thought that was incredibly SWEET of him! :)

    thecountryblossom AT hotmail DOT com

  24. Great contest! Valentine's Day memory? I'm not a huge Valentine's day person, but I think my favorite part about Valentine's day is when my husband and daughter cook me dinner AND do the dishes. It doesn't get much better than that.

  25. Valentine's Day last year.

    My husband gave me a silver flower necklace he had bought when were at the Carnegie Museum two months prior.

    How he kept a secret that long is the true present!


  26. When my husband and I were still in high school, he ran to all my classes on Valentine's before I got there and left a single rose on my desk, so that by the end of the day, I had a pretty ragged but very sweet bouquet. ^_^ For one class, however, we could sit wherever we wanted, so the teacher didn't really know which desk I'd pick. It was a male teacher, and he kept the rose safe for my husband and just handed it to me when I came in. The entire class thought it was from the teacher! I had to do some quick explaining, and the teacher even said, "You know that's not from me, right?" I had to show the other roses to prove it.

    And I'll be blogging about this contest because I want my extra 3 entries!

  27. Awww.

    My husband is really good at Valentines Day too--not so great at birthdays though.

    When we had been married about a year and a half I was working this office job, that I kind of hated. So,he sent me flowers every hour during the work day. My desk looked like a florist shop by the end of the day. He picked me up and had to help me carry it all home.

  28. My most memorable Valentine's Day stuff has been working. In high school my club sold roses and carnations and I was head of it. So, so far most of my V-Day's have been fun but a lot of work. :)


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